The Next Era of Flooring

Humans have always had a relationship with the ground.

A relationship we hold as sacred—with the power to transform the spaces we occupy.

From how we care for the ground we use to how we decorate the ground we live on, every touch point matters and contributes to the life we live and the moments that shape us.

For years, our family has worked to reimagine modern flooring from the ground up—innovating waterproof floors, crafting new approaches to sustainability, and reimagining the experience of designing a home. We have always sought to make great design possible for those who take care in the design of their home, creating floors that make it all come together so easily that it almost feels like magic.

We promise to continue doing what we’ve always done, reimagining how we think about flooring—from every angle.

It’s more than just worry-free flooring. We’re working to carry the story forward.

And our history drives us toward a future ripe with possibility.

To empower others with the joy of good design
To honor our dwellings with lasting, durable floors
To sustain the nature that inspires us

We’re walking on a legacy into new possibilities, celebrating what lies beneath and pursuing what lies ahead.