Canyon Installation Instructions

Product Installation

Replacing or installing flooring can be a stressful project, but it doesn't have to be!

Canyon Select features an innovative and revolutionary drop lock installation technology that not only installs 30% faster, but only requires a few household tools.

Prep the room & check subfloor

Being properly prepared and

installing panels on top of a suitable

subfloor is always your starting


Know when to use an underlay

All Canyon LVP products already

have pre-attached underlay. Additional 6mil

poly vapor barrier required when installing

on a slab or a subfloor with less than 18" of clearance.

Use the right mallet

The last thing you want is to damage

your floor or locking system, so only

use a hard PVC mallet and not a metal hammer.

Align the long side first

Always start with the long side, this

makes installation - even with the

longest panels - so much easier.

Unlike other systems, making the

installation of long, heavy panels a

2-man job, simply align and drop.

Align the short side and tap in

the right place

It’s important to correctly align on

the short side, and to lock by closing

any gaps in the correct way.